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Microtonal Music, The Artistry of Johnny Reinhard

April 6 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Johnny Reinhard

Johnny Reinhard, celebrates 45 years of microtonal themed concerts with performances at
the Bonita Museum on April 6, 2024 at 2:00 P.M. Also at the performance, find his new book The Transcendental Tuning of Charles Ives

Curator: Vallo Riberto

The concert features original compositions DUNE and ZANZIBAR as microtonal bassoon
features, and EYE OF NEWT played on the alto recorder. DUNE is based on the Frank Herbert novel
and features science fiction sounds embodying the novel’s characters in sound. ZANZIBAR starts with
the bassoon in parts on a table but soon magically brings the listener to Africa. EYE OF NEWT is based
on the magic potions of the witches found in Shakespeare. Additionally, Mr. Reinhard will play his work
KINDERGARTEN BLUES on the soprano recorder. These works employ elements of performance art,
with vocals and percussion, in addition to the morphing of the instruments.

Addition works on the program include Russian composer Anton Rovner’s BALLAD in 128
tuning, commissioned by Mr. Reinhard on the bassoon. John Cage’s intriguing 0 MINUTES AND 0
SECONDS will make a showing as well, instrument to be decided. Bosnian New Yorker Svjetlana
Bukvich composed HARD RAIN, JOHNNY for the event’s soloist along with pre-recorded sounds.
Expect some exciting improvisation and some miniatures.

Johnny Reinhard has been a solo performer throughout the world. Among his achievements is
the realization of the Charles Ives Universe Symphony, and the recently published book The
Transcendental Tuning of Charles Ives (Vision Edition). Mr. Reinhard has premiered acoustic works by
Wendy Carlos, Georg Friedrich Haas, Harry Partch, Lou Harrison, and La Monte Young, among others.
Reinhard founded the American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM) in New York City in 1981
and has continued steadily until the pandemic struck. Tonight marks the first concert given by Johnny
Reinhard since then, and the first solo concert performance in California since becoming a full-time
resident in southern California. Mr. Reinhard directs Microtonal University (MU), now in its third season.

About Johnny Reinhard (born 1956) is a microtonal composer, bassoonist, author and conductor.
Website: https://microtonaluniversity.org/index.html

Parking is free at the museum